Pre-Listing Consulting

Add to your listing presentation with information directly from a certified appraiser.

FHA appraisal - listing appraisal - home sale - home buyer appraisal VA - San Diego - Riverside County CAImprove your listing presentation by:

  • Show the market view point, trend analysis
  • Impress the client with ways to eliminate lost minute repairs
  • Provide a CMA with actual comparables selected by a certified appraiser
  • Have another 'expert' consult on your team.
  • Decrease the chances of unknown problems cropping up

For help with your listing presentation please contact us.

Mastering the FHA Appraisal Process for Agents

Currently, we are giving presentations around San Diego and Riverside counties about the appraisal process with FHA appraisals. These presentations are directed at listing and selling real estate agents interested in growing more business in FHA.

If you are interested in having Appraisal Systems come and present our free seminar, please contact our office directly to secure an event date.

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